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Types of Mehndi Designs.

What number of kinds of mehndi plans are really present in the field of Mehndi Art? Mehndi is the conventional craft of painting the hands, feet or body with a glue produced using the powdered, dried leaves of the henna plant. It stains a generally cherry-red to brown tone however this can change with time left on and a scope of different components. Espresso, lemon, tea and fundamental oils are generally added for more surface, smell or to help improve Mehndi Stains .

Mehndi is without a doubt a significant piece of Indian celebrations. Ladies, all things considered, be it elderlies, moderately aged ones or even children, everybody loves to adore their hands with pretty and itemized Mehndi plans.

There are many types of Mehndi designs some of them are:

  1. Indian Mehndi design
  2. Arabic Mehndi design
  3. Mumbai Mehndi design
  4. Western Mehndi design
  5. Indo-western Mehndi design
  6. Moroccan Mehndi design
  7. Punjabi Mehndi design
  8. Gujarati Mehndi design


Indian Mehndi designs are elaborate and reduced at the same time. The detailing is close to finesse and every element of the design holds great meaning. These designs are popular during traditional celebrations like Diwali, Karva chauth and especially in weddings for bride. Birds, animals, sun, kalash, bride and groom figures are featured quite often in Indian wedding Mehndi designs.

Indian Mehndi design is also known as Bridal Mehndi design because this design is majorly used in wedding for brides. This design covers the hand of bride fully and detailed without any space and with the traditional pattern like kalash, bride and groom, etc.


This type has its origin in the Arab world. This Mehndi design is totally different from Indian Mehndi design. Arabic Mehndi designs are more spread out largely have designs like cashew pattern and a lot of shading.

Arabic Mehndi is also sometimes referred as Mughlai Mehndi design. This elegant design is very popular among young generation and has successfully attracted a large group of admirers in India, very quickly!


Coming from the same region there are many similarities between the mumbai Mehndi design because of its detailing designs. However this particular design does not feature traditional Hindu elements like Bride, Groom and Kalash. So in mumbai Mehndi design, the designs include Domes, Flowers and Leaf like pattern.

Like Indian Mehndi design, mumbai Mehndi design features some of the pattern which has Mandala patterns. This style is also influenced by the Arabic Mehndi design.


This type of Mehndi design is an exotic piece of respect and warm approval for the western world. The Desi Mehndi has resulted in the birth of Henna tattoos in the west. Young women are attracted more towards Henna Mehndi Tattoo

The Western Mehndi designs are a lot different than their desi cousins, they feature Geometric Shapes, Quirky Patterns and often imitate Hand Jewelry. E.g. – The Bracelet Mehndi, Chandelier Mehndi and other new Mehndi designs.


The Indo-western Mehndi design is a mix of the east and west. This type of Mehndi is another Fusion and also liked and loved by everyone.

The Indo-western Mehndi design is a style of Mehndi like the western Mehndi is usually just worn as a style statement and is far from what traditional Mehndi designs are like. This Mehndi design is quite spaced out and features modern patterns along with traditional Indian designs. This type of designs is popular in the west by Bollywood songs and movies.


This type of Mehndi design is inspired by traditional tribal symbols and patterns. Moroccan Mehndi designs look a lot like western tribal tattoo art because of their zigzag lines, geometric curves and quirky designs.

Diamond shapes in particular are prominent features. Unlike Indian Mehndi designs, the Moroccan are not too elaborate but extremely beautiful without a doubt.


Punjabi Mehndi designs are quite unique and it glorifies the culture and Heritage of Punjab. Punjabi Mehndi is known for using a large number of colors and glitters in the Mehndi design. Circular shapes can offer a new dimension to your Mehndi design. You can use circles to create loops. You can even use spirals to create more designs. These are the aspects which are common in Punjabi Mehndi.


This beautiful Mehndi design is quite unique with floral and peacock designs and the wrist bangle design makes it even more beautiful. The designs are not cluttered and are quite unique than the usual design we are used to seeing. The designs are closely done which appear a bit cluttered. There are shades, weave patterns, peacock feather patterns as well as floral patterns and it looks beautiful

There are many more types of Mehndi apart from the ones listed above but these are the ones that are always trending around the globe.

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